A message to my foreign visitors!

I have noted that I have quite a number of visitors from other countries. I am now considering writing at least some of the text in English. It is so nice to see that my blog is so well visited. It wasn't until I included the Live Traffic Feed that I realised that actually quite a number of visitors came from abroad. So next time I write - it will also be in English! Welcome back!


  1. Hei, og tusen takk for hyggelig hilsen i bloggen min!

    Ah, jeg bodde et år like ved Passiflora.. Nydelig butikk!

    Hyggelig å finne bloggen din, her finner man mye fint! Kommer nok snart tilbake igjen! :)

  2. Hi! Thank you for starting to write in English! I'm happy to be able to understand what you write!!! Lovely photos in your last posts!
    Good night!


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